15 Signs You Are Obsessed with Horses

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I am obsessed with horses, are you?

Humans can easily become obsessed with any number of things. My obsessions include horses, and chocolate—among a few other things, like coffee. Chocolate makes you fat and now they’re saying coffee beans cause cancer, so I’m pretty positive horses are the healthiest obsession I have.

If you answer yes to even a few of the following 15 things, consider yourself a part of the horse crazy club because you are definitely obsessed with horses!

1. You like songs that mention horses– like Only the Horses by the Scissor Sisters, High Horse by Kacey Musgraves, and Beer For My Horses by Toby Keith.


2. Instead of walking or jogging into the other room, you canter.


3. Your house, social media accounts, fridge—all covered in horse photos. Thanks to the latest printer technology you can plaster your ponies on mugs, key chains, sweaters, and throw blankets too! Not to mention, your cell phone is stuffed to the brim with horse photos.


4. Need your dog to speed up? You start clucking. Want your kitty to come closer? You make a kissy sound. Funny how responsive all animals are to these cues though, isn’t it?


5. You avidly collect horseshoes, and truly believe that if you hang them upside down all their luck will fall out.


6. You scan the horse classifieds because you want to, not because you can afford a new horse at the moment.


7. You would rather have a Hermes saddle than a Hermes handbag.


8. You clean out your trailer and tack room before getting to that mound of laundry at home, let alone the mess in the backseat of your car.


9. Your friends and family KNOW you will talk about horses at least once every time they see you.


10. If you are young, you likely have horse posters plastered around your room. As a kid I remember half of my room was dedicated to teen heartthrobs, like the Hansen Brothers, and the other half of my room was adorned in horses.


11. If you’re a grown up, the walls of your home feature horse art, horse sculptures, etc.


12. You know the smell of a chestnut picked fresh off a horse’s leg, just like you know the putrid scent of Thrush. Think of all the fun and mysterious smells us horse lovers can identify!


13. You cried harder watching The Horse Whisperer than you did watching Titanic.


14. The Saddle Club books sang you to sleep as a child, or perhaps the Thoroughbred series was more your speed.


15. Close your eyes. Can you feel the rocking of a horse beneath you? That hypnotic sway that lulls you into a state of utter calm and concentration all at once… if you are craving that space right now, well then my friend, you too are obsessed with horses!

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