Cooper Keith looks like he has it all, he’s young, handsome, and a Grand Champion horseback rider. Cooper is also scared of horses. He must push his fears aside, forced to ride by his father, a man once regarded as the best show jumper on the US circuit until a tragic riding accident changed everything. Cooper has practically lost all hope when he meets Mel, the mysterious new stable hand hired to tag along as his groom to horse shows.

Nineteen-year-old Mel thinks she is running away from her past when she takes the job at Elite Equestrian, unaware she’s only running straight into it. It all starts with Cooper Keith, who is hard to ignore, even for a girl who has just buried her boyfriend. And then there’s the man she meets living next door to the stable, his secret identity shadowed behind his mission to rescue horses. As more than one person scrambles to cover up their lies, Mel becomes mixed up with one barn brat’s psycho jealousy, inciting a terrible tragedy that will force the truth out of everyone.